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Ketchikan, Alaska Charter Fishing

Additional Services and Information

Stove oil, propane, white gas and outboard motor fuel is available upon request. We will pick up and deliver the stove oil for $5.00 plus the cost of the fuel with the Alaska Cabin Outfit rental.  (A $10.00 charge will be applied without a kit rental.) The container must be returned.  We will also pick up and deliver stove and lantern fuel (at your request) for the Alaska Cabin Outfit for the cost of the propane and no service charge with the Alaska Cabin Outfit rental.

A Forest Service Cabin at Phocena BayIf you don't see an item on the list you need, please ask.  Over the years we have acquired various items that people have requested, like axes, campfire grills, backpack gear, etc.  We don't keep a large number of these items around, so we don't list them.

Our camping kitchen is set up with 6 place settings.   However, due to limitations of stove size, etc., it is really only adequate for 4 people.  If you have a large party, please let us know and we will be happy to put together an Alaska Cabin Outfit for a crowd.  There will be an additional 50% charge.  We have found that our stove griddle makes breakfast hot cakes and group meals easier and quicker.  This is just one of our many "additional equipment" items which can be rented. Stove oil, propane, white gas and outboard motor fuel is available upon request.

If you desire to cook over an open fire, we will provide a special set of pots and pans, as the ones in the kit are to be used only on the camp stove.  If kit pots and pans are used over an open camp fire, there will be an additional service charge.

Charter vessel transportation to salt water cabins for campers, skiffs or kayaks is available on the M/V Experience One.  Advance reservations are necessary.

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